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At AmCareBenefits, we understand how to stretch your dollars and still provide the best Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, or Disability insurance for the people you value most – your employees.

Based in Harford County, Maryland, AmCareBenefits specializes in connecting Maryland businesses with group health, dental, life and ancillary insurance plans. Our Certified Insurance Counselors and Registered Health Underwriters have more than 40 years’ experience designing benefit plans to meet the goals of employers with 2 to 200+ employees. And, we are among a select few brokers who are Certified PPACA (aka "ACA") Professionals - thereby insuring that our clients have the most up to date tools and information to respond to Health Care Reform.

We are brokers, licensed to work with the top carriers in many of the regions of the US - companies like the BlueCross/BlueShield Associations (CareFirst, Highmark, Independence, and Capital), United Healthcare, Aetna, Kaiser Permanente, CIGNA/Great West, Humana, Mutual of Omaha and more.

We focus on group health and life benefits, but we also work closely with individuals and families in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia to locate affordable Health, Life, and Disability coverage options.

Whether you’re looking for group benefits or individual coverage, you’ll find that personal, dedicated, continued service is what sets AmCareBenefits apart from other benefits providers.

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What is an HSA?

Confusion continues to exists about Health Savings Accounts aka HSA's, so here is a short course to help.

First, an HSA's is NOT a type of Health insurance plan. Many of the insurance products today are confusing, because they use the words/letters "HSA in the product name (e.g., BlueChoice HMO HSA).  This is only an indication the "PLAN" is an IRS defined Qualified High-Deductible Health Plan (QHDHP), aka a HSA Compatible Plan, which is required to set up an HSA.